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The Queer Spectrum: A Celebration of Identity and Sexuality

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

As a telehealth company based out of Georgia and serving 17 States, we believe the vast spectrum of queer experience is to be celebrated everyday! Throughout history, the LGBTQIA+ community has expanded the vocabulary to include the various ways in which we express, love and relate to each other. Because the queer experience is incredibly nuanced and could branch into hundreds of articles, please note this is a general overview.

Over time, the world has become more familiar with the variations of queer experience. We’ve outgrown basic boxes when defining ourselves: gay, straight, or bi- and cis- or transgender are generalized while the array of queer identities and sexualities can be more specific. For example, though non-binary individuals have always existed, especially in indigenous communities, a large portion of American society is learning more about what the broad term can encompass. An individual’s gender expression may or may not indicate their gender identity; expression and identity are not the same and one cannot assume another’s gender identity by how they present. Experimentation with gender expression does not necessarily lead to a change in gender identity, though it can play a role. Everyone’s experience is unique!

Gender non-conforming person smiling

“The gender spectrum is an understanding that gender is not binary, but rather a spectrum of biological, mental and emotional traits that exist along a continuum.” - Cade Hildreth

At a young age, we are often raised according to our assignment at birth (sometimes referred to as biological sex). For those who discover they are not cisgender, it is common to identify differently on the gender spectrum throughout life. There is no “one size fits all” identity timeline when it comes to gender, just as there is no specific medical transition timeline for those who choose to pursue HRT. Not all trans-identifying individuals pursue gender-affirming care and they will always be as valid as individuals who do. Though exploration in gender identity can cause confusion in how others view and what they think they know about a loved one, supportive spaces exist, allowing freedom to navigate without judgment and at one’s own pace.

There was a time where any “deviation” from cis-hetero norms would be lumped together. Sexual orientation and gender-queer identity were seen as one and the same. Today, there are a multitude of orientations recognized with subjects such as romantic vs. sexual attraction and asexuality included in the larger discussion. Dialogue around pansexuality and bisexuality and where we conflate labels or choose to branch out into newer terms has been given new life. What it is to be polysexual has become a popular topic in recent years and is a subject containing a plethora of relationship types and approaches. Orientation and attraction have evolved in understanding from simple references of straight or gay, including more possibility and fluidity in modern times.

Non-binary, gender non-conforming person

“Sexuality is complicated. It’s not static. People change and sexuality can change too.” - Ashley Herring Blake

The rigidness of the once standard cis hetero outlook - that prefers to have neat little boxes for everyone and is confused by the queer spectrum - is no longer the norm, though it has been a point of contention for those who are not allies. The expansion of orientation and gender identity has been debated by those who do not understand (or in some cases are committed to misunderstanding) the LGBTQIA+ community. Right wing groups often dismiss queer identities as a “fad”, yet work overtime to censor and surveil information, ideas and visibility about and for the queer community.

While LGBTQIA+ people and allies have had more engaging exploration and open dialogue around attraction and personhood, the opposition from anti-LGBTQ organizers has increased in volume and hostility. Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” restrictions has led to banned books and full restriction on teaching LGBTQ history in academic curriculums. Though Florida is the only State to enforce this blatant erasure of queer people, 42 similar bills in 22 States have been proposed since 2021. Gay educators are targeted even when they do not disclose while expectations of hetero professionalism are stronger than ever, creating stress and threatening job security.

Where conversation about queer identity, in all its diversity and beauty, has reached new heights, the nightmarish rhetoric and violent calls to action are intended to silence and erase queer representation from public life. In Spring 2023, Daily Wire host Michael Knowles broadcasted to the Conservative Political Action Conference that “transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely — the whole preposterous ideology, at every level.” This is one example of backlash that creates a hostile environment for and calls for political oppression of those simply existing as gender-queer.

Equal Health celebrates at Atlanta Pride with Community Members

Equal Health believes that all queer people should be able to thrive regardless of any other person or entity that wants to debate the humanity of the LGBTQIA+ community. Queer people in all their diversity go through so many steps in overcoming barriers, including access to inclusive healthcare. Our mission is to provide comfortable and confidential healthcare to the queer community. As we recently celebrated with the community at the Atlanta Pride marketplace, we are offering 25% off sexual health visits, medical letter of support visits and 25% off the 1st month of membership (not including starter visit cost) with the use of the coupon code: PRIDE25. Offer expires 12/31/2023.

After Atlanta’s Pride festivities and going into the holiday season, we’d like to note that statistically, an increase of STIs surround Pride festivities. Equal Health offers same-day appointments for sexual health concerns, including Doxy-PEP, a go-to “Plan B” for STIs that protects against infections within 72 hours of exposure. Equal Health is now offering new membership plans that cover a wider range of services. Silver Membership is $29/month + $69 starter visit and includes up to 2 services (choosing from HRT, PrEP, HIV Treatment and Weight Management) and quarterly virtual visits. Gold Membership is $49/month + $129 start visit and includes up to 4 services (choosing from HRT, PrEP, HIV Treatment, Weight Management and Mental Health) and includes monthly virtual visits.

There are no hidden fees for Equal Health’s Memberships. Additionally, Equal Health has partnered with Grassroots Labs for lab discounts by 30-70% of the market price and are also partnering with pharmacies that greatly reduce the cost of medications, offering fast and discreet prescription delivery right to the patient's home.


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